Allow me to reintroduce myself…

I’m a tough chick. I’m not everyone’s type. I’m not everyone’s speed. I’m not for everyone’s liking. But if you appreciate and can handle me, the pay off is huge. 

I’m loyal to a fault. I’ll fight for you. I’ll support you. I’ll stand in your corner. I’ll have your back. I’ll be honest with you. I’ll hold your hand. And, I’ll be the shoulder you need.

I am also upfront. I tell it like it is. I have full scope of my emotions. I think twice before I react, and I try to always use logic far before feelings. I speak clearly, and I alway repeat myself at least once to ensure I never have to say it again. 

I look at every side of every situation. I pride myself on being fair. And even though I’m typically unemotional, I respect and consider other people’s emotions. 

I try to do what I say I’ll do. I’m reliable. And, I apologize if necessary. 

I’m a born sales person. I work hard for what I believe in. I never think I’m wrong, but I’m open to being proven different. I don’t fold if there’s something to fight for. 

And, I stay ready. 

I usually don’t toot my horn, but I took a character hit this weekend. And, I feel like I have to defend myself. 

You don’t have to have me in your life. Actually, please kick me out of your life if you find it difficult to deal with me. Save yourself from me. Save me from you. 

I will never apologize for who I am, and if I’ve already explained myself to you this is one more time too many. 

And for you, I’ve been a simpler version of me. I didn’t want to push to hard or be too much. Trying to be a more delicate version of myself. No more of that, though.

You didn’t appreciate me watered down. You can’t handle me full flavor.