Caught between Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong.

There’s a space between Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong. It’s called sanity.

I personally have spent time trapped between the guy I SHOULD be with and the guy that I wanted. It’s a dangerous situation.

It typically ends with me wondering is he caught between me being his Ms. Wrong, and her, the future Mrs. Right.

When your gut, God, and all your friends are telling you to leave him alone because of X, Y, and Z, you probably should. There’s undoubtedly a man out there who is perfect for you, Mr. Right. And, you can’t get to him while you’re waiting on Mr. Wrong to call you back.

Y’all aren’t gonna work. You know that. I know that. What are you doing? What are we doing?

Better question: Who has the best singles happy hour, and what time does it start?