Fresh start. New me. No do-overs. Week 5…the end. 

Week 5 was okay. Just okay. I had some real success with my activity, but I hit a brick wall emotionally. Same brick wall. Now, three times…

I went into the cycle of change with guns blazing. I was ready to change everything. And, I’d given myself a tight timeline in which to do it. And, it was really hard. And, I didn’t like it very much. 

There was no real plan. There was absolutely no order. I decided to change everything, at once, in 2 months. Turns out that’s the fastest way to sign up for do-overs. And, I’ve already taken about 6 of them. 

So, that means my title was bogus. I need do-overs. I need as many as it takes to get things on track and stay on track. 

The plan: 

1. Change the title to Fresh start. New me. Only necessary do-overs. (LOL)

2. What are we focusing on changing? My attitude and my faith. My health and appearance. My relationships. My finances and career. 

3. What’s the timeline? Forever, and the day after that. I’m looking for life changes and true happiness. 

4.  What’s first? Everything is still first. I’m just slowing down the process and being realistic with myself. 

Today, I still feel like a victim. I hate to feel like a victim, more than anything. I hate to be out of control.

Earlier this week, I struggled emotionally. I let some things really get to me. Things just kept growing and mutating until it was too much to for me. I spent a couple evenings just crying uncontrollably and praying. Then trying to gear up for what the next day would hold. I’ve been exhausted. My blood pressure’s been elevated, and my blood pressure is never up. My head’s been hurting none stop, and I’ve gone back and forth between never ending hunger and being sick to my stomach. 

Like I said in my previous blog, I realized I didn’t really have a shoulder to cry on. There’s no life preserver headed my way. I’m adult. My issues belong to me.

I’m standing out on an island. It feels like it’s sinking, and there’s nothing I can do about it. There’s nothing anyone else can do either. That’s okay. That’s life sometimes. We have to step outside of the situation and find peace to get through it. I’m headed in that direction, peace is finally within reach. I need to meditate and pray. I need to alter my reactions. I need to gain control of my feelings. I need a break. 

And, that’s a do-over. Because this out-of-control, helplessness, came with a host of bad decisions that I’ll spend the next few weeks fixing. And, that’s okay too. 

There’s no timeline. I’ll be writing in this series forever. I’m not committing to when or how often either. I’m just going to try. 

And, everything is going to be okay. 


Jeremiah 29:11 

Fresh start. New me. No do-overs. Week 4

So if you read week 3, you know I spent 7 days undoing weeks 1 and 2. Actually more like 10 days. I didn’t recommit until around Thursday. 

Then Friday morning, I woke up with jack hammers in my head. Suffered through the end of the week with off and on headaches, nausea, and vomitting. Felt overwhelmed, stressed out, and like I was falling apart. I hate being sick. I hate anything that slows my pace and makes me feel out of control. No illness. No love. 

Still, I maintained a level of control with my eating. I didn’t go face first into any queso, and I gave away my back up cookies. 

I made major FitBit progress, won a couple challenges, and hit some personal goals. 

I hit some roadblocks with the new guy. Nothing major. It just started to move too fast. We were holding each other accountable. And, too many feelings got involved. 

There were also too many hopes and dreams dangled by the old guy. Too much emotional turmoil. Too many questions and feelings. 

It’s no wonder I emptied a bottle of Tylenol and killed off 6 k-cups and 3 Gatorades trying every headache remedy thrown my way.  It’s too much. 

Fresh start. New me. No do-overs. Week 3

Week 3 should be entitled midlife crisis. 

I had a major emotional meltdown, then I got a tattoo, then the kid and I applied for passports and planned a vacation. 

I met someone. I planned on him being a distraction. Someone to not necessarily rebound with, but to kinda rebound with. I imagined we would hang out, have some dates, and become friends. Easy enough. He’s cute. He’s charming. HE’S ATTENTIVE. This could work. 

Then the plan broke. Turns out, I like him more than friends like friends. This is substantial. He’s a big deal. 

So what do I do? I run from it all. I stop taking my supplements, head to my neighborhood tattoo and piercing shop, and top it all off with Tex-Mex. I avoid all my feelings and my health. 

“Pass me the queso. And excuse me ma’am, we’re gonna need more chips.”

End of week 3, the scale claims I put my weight back on plus a pound. It’s probably broken. We never see eye to eye. 

I have a massive, by my standards, tattoo on my forearm. It’s perfect and beautiful though. And, I’m trying to figure out how to tame my rouge feelings. 
I’m annoyed, and I’m frustrated with myself for starting this blog topic. Can I just go delete them all? No do-overs, huh? Ugh!

So midweek week 4, I ended my pity party. I sent all the party goers home. I threw away the new misery cookies and laid out the plan and supplements to get back on track. I can do this. 

Fresh start. New me. No do-overs. Week 2

Week 2 ended with no bang. That’s not a bad thing though. 

There was no weight loss, but there was no weight gain. I should have made some different food decisions. I should have guzzled more water. I should have done some things differently, but I recognize that. I can move forward differently based on honesty about this weeks decisions. 

I had some emotional disasters, but I feel like I handled myself well this past week. I spoke my mind. I was polite. I didn’t sacrifice myself…not as much as usual. 


Fresh start. New me. No do-overs. Week 1


This isn’t the most fun thing I’ve ever done. It’s been challenging. I’m downing more pills and supplements than I have in the last 5 years combined. I’m trying to stay conscious of what I’m doing and the whys. I’m balancing my body and my emotions. This is a lot. But, I’m committed to it. I want a longer, stronger, life than I was inadvertently planning for myself before. This is necessary. 

Going forward into week 2:

I’m meeting issues head on. I’m going to be honest with myself about what’s right for me, even when I don’t want to hear it. I’m not going to focus on the dumb stuff. And, I’m welcoming necessary distractions like jewelry making, Star Wars, and long conversations with my son. 

I’m having ALL the feelings, in real life. No more writing them down and just tucking them away. This is a journey. I don’t expect an overnight transition. I’m changing my life. 

Wrap up: I lost 3lbs, two boys, and all the chocolate chunk cookies are out of the house. 

Fresh start. New me. No do-overs. Days 5-7

Day 5, wasn’t so bad. I followed most of the directions, took all the supplements, and kept the majority of my emotions in check. 

Day 6 however, was interesting. Forgot a supplement, or 3. And, had two different boy/girl situations crash and burn in my face. Turns out the crush now makes my skin crawl, and the ex guy just keeps icing his cake of disappointments. 

I was doing good most of the day, but my emotions took over around 8P and forced me to inhale 2 chocolate chunk cookies. 

I reevaluated things. Cursed myself for having issues during the first week. Then cut myself a break. I’m human. Things are going to go crazy. I can deal with it. 

Better dealt with over 2 cookies than turning into 50lbs over the next 5 or so years. Been there. Done that. Wrote about it. 

Day 7 was damn good, pal! I was busy ALL DAY. I never had a moment to focus on anything other than the deadline on the next pending project. I knocked out over 15,000 steps, finished up a jewelry project, and got me and the kid shined up and to a party within 1 hour of it starting. 2/3? And, I’m calling that successful. 

I felt back on track at the end of the day. 

Fresh start. New me. No do-overs. Day 3/4

Day 3 was challenging. After a difficult work day, I was left feeling over worked and under appreciated…AGAIN. And, looking for something deep fried and chocolately. I resisted though. 

I came home had a super sensible dinner, no dessert, no alcohol, and no desperate contact with the guy. Even though my rough day was pushing me back towards him. It’s not like he’s my soft spot, though. It was more wanting the familiar back. But, I didn’t…not him. I did initiate a couple texts with the crush, but nothing that led to my emotional hole, in tears. 

Day 4 started out strong. My Advocare order arrived last night, and I dove into the box like Christmas. I reviewed everything and committed to starting the program today. Feeling confident. Feeling strong. Feeling prepared for success. 

Starting my work day late, apprehensive. Waiting for the other shoe to drop, the new chaos, and what fire will appear today. 

Slipped up and talked myself into sending a text today. “You’re grown, girl. You can say, “hi.” He may have been on your mind for a reason.” It wasn’t a good idea. It’s wasn’t a bad idea, but it wasn’t necessary. I need to get him out of my system. It failed. It’s done. Let it go. 

Spent most of the morning building the blueprint to my empire and chatting with the crush. Is this going anywhere? I have no idea. Right now, I just like what’s happening in the moment. He’s cute. He’s funny. And, we have these phenomenal conversations about everything. 

Day ended on a more sour note. 

Dealt with some friend stuff I wasn’t equipped to handle. Hard to see someone self destructing in front of you. 

Ended my work day feeling overwhelmed. 

And, came home to realize my house hadn’t cleaned itself. 

I made some bad food decisions at the end of the day, but I took every supplement I needed and knocked out almost 12,000 steps. 

Tucking in my emotions for Day 5.