Love v. Like

I was with Blaise the other day. We were out running errands and chatting. We have our most impactful conversations in the car. And, he asked about a guy I’d dated. Wondered how he was. I didn’t know. It’s been too long. The lines of communication are burned to the ground. That relationship is done. 

He asked, “don’t you love him?”

“Yes,” I said. “But, I don’t always like him very much.”

“Wait. Aren’t they the same things?” He asked. 

And, I spent the next 20 minutes answering his question. 


When you truly love someone, it’s unconditional. You will love them through anything. You will love them for the rest of your life. There’s nothing that will change that. 

But, “like” is a fickle beast. You can fall in and out of “like” multiple times in a moment for multiple different reasons. There’s no loyalty to “like.” Because it’s typically based on behavior. Maybe I liked or didn’t like something said or done. 

I love him. I loved him to dangerous levels, at times. My love never changed or faded, but I didn’t often like him. 

“Huh?” Blaise didn’t really get it. I’d gone too far into love’s regrets to capture the point for my 11 year old son.  

Again, another way. “I always love you. You are my whole heart.”

“Yep, I know mom.”

“But when you leave pee on the toilet seat, I don’t like you very much.”

“Oh. I get it. Sorry, mom.”

I just laid my heart out on the dash board of this car for a story better told with pee. 

Go figure. 

Disclaimer: Forgive me. I’ve probably written a similar post before, but this is my life.