Know your worth?

I’ve battled, for a thousand years, with the phrase “know your worth.”

I don’t think anyone ever told me my worth. I don’t think I understood my worth. And, I didn’t know how to establish it. 

I believe the value you place on yourself is directly related to how you have been treated, your wants and desires, and how you feel about yourself. 

In using the phrase we forget that everyone doesn’t have a good foundation of worth and isn’t realistic with expectations. 

I’m still figuring out my own worth. I’m still trying to establish that in my life. 

And, I’ve done that through trial and error mostly, but I’m devising a better plan as I go. 

To start, I’m certain that I’m worth what I’m offering..honesty, reliability, compassion, sincerity, fun, and passion. If the man I date, the friendship I build, or the job I take can’t give me those things back, then we have a huge issue of respect. And, I can’t imagine I’m gonna stay around that long. 

Second, I’m a catch. Seriously, I am. I’m worthwhile. I may not be ideal for everyone, but that doesn’t lessen my importance. I realize that. And because of that, any opportunities that don’t work out just weren’t meant for me. They aren’t because I’m inadequate. 

That was a really hard lesson. 

So knowing your worth is about knowing yourself. 

Duh, I know. 

But there are so many of us that are less than experts on self. So, instead of focusing on a worth that’s yet to be defined. Figure out who you are. Establish what you’re bringing to the table. And, value yourself as you currently are even if improvements can be made. We can all make improvements. 

Once you’ve mastered that, you will have a good grip on knowing your worth. 

Good luck. 

God speed. 

You think you’re always right.

“You think you’re always right.” Someone recently said this to me. It was somewhat aggressive and condescending.

“Yes. About 90% of the time.” Was my reply. What I wanted to say was “hell yes, I do!” But, that would have been tacky and incorrect. 90% is accurate.

If I don’t find confidence and conviction in my thoughts and behaviors, who will?

I am a fighter. I am a warrior. I haven’t had people on my side, supporting and encouraging me, often. I have been my own cheerleader for much of my life. I push myself. I work hard. I seldom give up or accept defeat. I believe in me regardless of having a team of people believing in me. I do, because I have had to.

So yes, I think I’m right about 90% of the time. And if I’m wrong, oh well stranger things have happened.

Blame my zodiac…IDK

I…gonna say “I” a lot. I’m giving myself credit and disregarding the naysayers right now.

I thank God for the ability to see many sides of a situation. Which means I don’t typically use emotion as a rationalizing tool, because no one really cares. I’m logical and realistic primarily. So, by the time I bring anything to anyone I’ve examined it at length. I’ve already addressed your concerns in my thought process. I’ve tried to visualize your point of view. I’m bringing you my vision with thought and rationalization. And I think, NO I am confident, I have found the perfect option.

I will be shocked if you don’t agree. I will question any concerns you have that I hadn’t already considered. I will fight for my view point until you can convince me otherwise. Then, I will support your decision.

That’s who I am. I don’t beat anyone up for disagreeing. But, I fight hard for my views. And, if I’m wrong and need to apologize I do. If I’m wrong and your way is better, I will support you.

Just please, don’t be upset because I’m standing here believing in me. I’m gonna do that. I’m not waiting for you to do it for me. I’m cheerleading, back scratching, and high fiving MYSELF to death.