No one is gonna wait forever…or for that long


No one is waiting patiently for you to figure it out and get yourself together. No one is waiting for you to choose them. Act now, or regret it later. It’s just that simple.

Because there is ALWAYS someone standing in the wings. There is always someone prepared to step in if you step back.

While you’re waiting 3 days, making sure this is right, or whatever you’re doing, someone is acting in the moment. They’re saying what they need to say. They are taking the potential love of your life because they are acting, not waiting.

Say I love you today, if that’s what you feel. Say something. You know what needs to be said.

Commit today.

Because there’s someone else out there. Probably more than one someone, and they will move forward the second they sense you’re standing still.

Believe me. I’ve been on both ends of this…more than I’d like to admit.