Sex and the City, the fantasy



Watching Sex and the City…again.

I get it now. Here I am in my 30s, watching for clarity. Back in my teens, I was just trying to be cool.

And, clarity is what I got.

We don’t all win.

5 or so years of hoping, and wishing, and thinking, and praying for her man. Carrie got him. Did he realize she was the love of his life, or did she just wear him down?

I imagine they divorce later, and she ends up on another girls’ vacation wondering why he can’t love her the way she loves him. I don’t believe it works.

Because their relationship sucks. He pushes her away, pulls her back, doesn’t miss her until someone else appreciates her, and expects her to be around forever. And, she does. And finally, years later, he marries her. He finally marries her? She waited, and it paid off? Unless, they’re divorced out there in TV land Manhattan. They probably are.

Don’t wait. I’m pointing at you, with 3 fingers pointing back at me. Don’t wait and hope for the best. Don’t spend 5 plus years expecting appreciation. He’s showing you who he is TODAY. He’s treating you with the value he sees in you. Don’t hold your breath expecting TV happiness. This may be all he has to offer. Is it enough?

If you can survive in less than you desire, have at it, but if you are often disappointed and questioning what you’re doing with him…RUN!

And, I deleted the remaining episodes from my DVR. It’s almost time for my regularly schedule programming to resume to waste the space.

Too much real life happening for Carrie Bradshaw-esque fantasies.

Good luck out there!