I was breaking in half. 

Yesterday, was a bad day. It started off just fine, but progressed to crazy by the end. I was feeling overwhelmed. I was spinning out. I hadn’t been in this place in a long time. 

I’m sleep deprived. I’ve been having headaches. My love life is out of whack. Work is work. I’m contemplating major projects. Finances are stretched. And my tough girl, I don’t need anyone, persona is cracking. 

I try to be supportive of everyone in my life. I give a lot of myself. But, I’m not good at asking for help when I need it. When I do muster up the courage to ask, and it’s not totally made available, it’s heart breaking. 

I called you, not because I thought you needed me. I called you because I needed you. I was breaking in half, and I wanted you to hold on to me until I could mend myself. 

He did. He pushed me to tell, let me cry it out, gave me advice, and promised that it would get better. He told me to have faith when faith was the last thing I was thinking of. 

And, today started out better. 

Maybe he’s a magician.