Road Trip continued…

destination = Danny…

So there’s this other guy…

Back in the gap of time, I dated another guy who lives there, in 2nd Chris’ town. Danny. He was a fun time. I thought we had a future. I was committed to whatever that future was. It wasn’t undying love, though. Again, it was the appreciation of a man that wanted to have a happily ever after with me. It’s kinda my thing, being a chameleon.

We’ve been talking again. Kinda assessing the situation. Do we still have chemistry?

He looked the same. He sounded the same. Everything about him was consistent and reliable. I felt different though. A lot has changed in the last two years.

No offense to him, but he is in the same place. I’m not.

Back to interracial dating…yep. He’s Hispanic. He is also wanting to enjoy the “exotic black woman experience.” And no matter how much he wanted to ride off into the sunset with me, he didn’t know how to introduce his chocolate girlfriend to his caramel family.

That’s valid…if we were in high school. But, I’m 33 years old. Which is 1000 years too old to be wondering how to meet some grown man’s mama. I’m a pro! I’ve been doing this for a minute. I was a debutante. “Hi, Mrs. Blah Blah Blah. It’s so nice to meet you. Thank you for having me in your beautiful home.” There’s no charm school lesson for how to handle, “hi, Mrs. Blah Blah Bla…oh no she fainted!”

I’m not interested!

I want it to just click.