New Year and New Decade

I usually say I don’t make resolutions, I make decisions. This year is a little different. I feel compelled to commit myself to something. Maybe it’s because I think I owe back for my blessings.

I do.

Every time I felt like the situation was impossible, it worked itself out. God worked everything out. Time, and time again.

It’s been a good year. It’s been a good decade, and I owe back.

My guy asked if I’d written down my goals. I hadn’t. It’s not my thing, but I should. I should because I preach accountability at work. I preach accountability with my oldest son. And, accountability only exists when there is something for you to hold yourself accountable too.

1. Get my health on track. Not just weight. But honestly focusing on ensuring that I’m making healthy decisions, listening to my body, and going the extra mile for myself. Not with a fad program or supplement. I have to do the work.

2. Get my finances in order. I make enough money to provide for all of my family’s needs and most of our wants. But, I need to re-examine how I use my money. There needs to be more left over. There needs to be a more substantial savings, quality investments, and thoughtful spending.

3. Launch and/or relaunch my business. Between inventory and talent, I’m wasting my energy and money.

4. Invest in my relationships. Whether they be business or romantic or personal or professional I’m sure there’s something I could be giving back to the people that are important to me.

5. Appreciate myself. I’m giving it my all. I’m staying consistent. I’m working incredibly hard. I should give myself a break. I deserve to be complimented and not criticized, a little more often.

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