Don’t tell me who you are. I’ll watch and find out. 

Big deal! Really BFD. I can just figure you out. 

Sparked from: a recent conversation about a self proclaimed saint among men who is obviously not a saint. That’s okay. I’m not a saint, either. But, I don’t try to sell myself as one. 


Tied to: my last crash and burn, trial run, of a relationship. While he self proclaimed that he saved the world and came through for everyone, he missed our plans routinely. Oops, right? While you’re making yourself unnecessarily available to grown and capable people, you’re sacrificing the relationship you said you wanted. You’re sacrificing the woman you claimed to want to be with. You said you wanted me, this, us, but your actions don’t define your words. You just say a lot, huh?

Save the sales pitch. I’m a salesman, too. I don’t need it. And, I can see right through it. You’re totally transparent. You’re clear. You’re crystal clear. 

Don’t try to sale me an ideal version of yourself. I’m not interested in perfection. I’m looking at you, as you. And right now, you’re a liar. 

Glass House

I don’t know everything, but what I know, I know, I know. And, I own the difference. 

I am no relationship expert. I am figuring out new things about myself and my relationships everyday. 

I do the work, though. I try, and that’s all I got. 

I’m the product of dysfunction. I don’t have a history of healthy relationship examples. But, I still try. And, I know that every day won’t be easy. And, success is going to feel impossible at times. But if I keep doing this right, it’s going to work out. Right? It has too. 

The only part I can’t stomach is when the people who I thought would cheer me on, tear me down instead. But I understand. I’m sure it’s easy to see me from your glass house. And, it’s true that hurt people will hurt people. 

I’m gonna cry all night and let it wash everything away. Then, I’ll start fresh in the morning.