I’m writing this sitting at the nail salon. I have the salon chair going at full speed and my feet are soaking in a jetted tub full of blue water. I have my go to gray close by, Steel Waters Run Deep by OPI.

I’m relaxed.

I slept fine. I woke up rested. I already tackled a thousand things, and now I’m here, relaxed, waiting my turn to have my nails buffed and painted.

Life is good.

I’m usually really anxious on my birthday. When I was younger it was wondering about gifts and surprises that kept me awake, but here in my 30s it’s wanting to make more of this year than the age before. It’s fear of committing and falling short, again. It’s wanting more than what’s realistic, and having zero notion of how to turn impossible to possible.

Not this year.

I’m fine. I’m not overly eager. I’m more at peace.

I’m dating someone. It’s been a little chaotic, but we’re in a good place. And, it’s the little things between us that make me feel like this could be the relationship I’ve been waiting for. I don’t know. I could be wrong, but it feels good. And, if it blows up in my face it won’t be the end of the world. It will just be the beginning of the next thing.

My business is starting over. My blog is doing well. I’m establishing new ventures. I’m making new connections. There’s a new energy behind what I’ve always done, and I feel success. I feel like I’m on the cusp of something incredible.

My family is healthy. We are happy. I am surrounded by the most amazing people that love me, support me, and encourage me. And, I have a son who continues to change my life everyday.

So, I’m 36. It happened really fast. It’s like my birthdays seem to be coming twice a year. And, I’m grateful. I’m peaceful. And, I’m happy.

This is what 36 looks like.

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