So, I’m at work obsessing over this customer with marble looking hazel eyes and super long lashes. Her eyes are beautiful. And, she seems to be generally kind. I’m wishing for eyes like hers, similar to hers, or at least a little hazel around the edges. 

And while day dreaming about an eye swap, we make eye contact. I smile thinking she must think I’m crazy for staring. She smiles back and compliments my hair. She tells me it’s beautiful, and she loves natural hair. She apologizes for staring at me. 


I thanked her, and complimented her beautiful eyes. We both reacted like we’d heard our compliments before. We were far more excited to give than receive. 

There’s always something incredible about you that the world is noticing. 

Appreciate your own beauty, and stop being envious of those around you. 

You are so incredibly beautiful!

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