Fresh start. New me. No do-overs. Week 4

So if you read week 3, you know I spent 7 days undoing weeks 1 and 2. Actually more like 10 days. I didn’t recommit until around Thursday. 

Then Friday morning, I woke up with jack hammers in my head. Suffered through the end of the week with off and on headaches, nausea, and vomitting. Felt overwhelmed, stressed out, and like I was falling apart. I hate being sick. I hate anything that slows my pace and makes me feel out of control. No illness. No love. 

Still, I maintained a level of control with my eating. I didn’t go face first into any queso, and I gave away my back up cookies. 

I made major FitBit progress, won a couple challenges, and hit some personal goals. 

I hit some roadblocks with the new guy. Nothing major. It just started to move too fast. We were holding each other accountable. And, too many feelings got involved. 

There were also too many hopes and dreams dangled by the old guy. Too much emotional turmoil. Too many questions and feelings. 

It’s no wonder I emptied a bottle of Tylenol and killed off 6 k-cups and 3 Gatorades trying every headache remedy thrown my way.  It’s too much. 

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