Fresh start. New me. No do-overs. Days 5-7

Day 5, wasn’t so bad. I followed most of the directions, took all the supplements, and kept the majority of my emotions in check. 

Day 6 however, was interesting. Forgot a supplement, or 3. And, had two different boy/girl situations crash and burn in my face. Turns out the crush now makes my skin crawl, and the ex guy just keeps icing his cake of disappointments. 

I was doing good most of the day, but my emotions took over around 8P and forced me to inhale 2 chocolate chunk cookies. 

I reevaluated things. Cursed myself for having issues during the first week. Then cut myself a break. I’m human. Things are going to go crazy. I can deal with it. 

Better dealt with over 2 cookies than turning into 50lbs over the next 5 or so years. Been there. Done that. Wrote about it. 

Day 7 was damn good, pal! I was busy ALL DAY. I never had a moment to focus on anything other than the deadline on the next pending project. I knocked out over 15,000 steps, finished up a jewelry project, and got me and the kid shined up and to a party within 1 hour of it starting. 2/3? And, I’m calling that successful. 

I felt back on track at the end of the day. 

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