Fresh start. New me. No do-overs. Day 2

I’m ending my day a little tired and a little hungry. I must be doing something right. 

I did start my day with a fancy, lite whipped, non-fat coffee drink. Needed a little kick in the pants. And, I still made it through the day with less calories and more steps than any day last week. 

I refused all urges to send either “GM’s” or “GN’s” in any effort to open unnecessary lines of communication. But, I did entertain a text/emoticon convo with a crush from the past. Small steps…right?!

I laughed way more than I cussed today.


Side note: I won’t have daily entries, but I will be chronicling this journey. 

Can’t wait to wake up to new opportunities tomorrow. 

God bless. XOXO


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