I’m not settling. I’m not accepting shenanigans. I’m not cutting breaks. I’m not giving unlimited chances. I’ve already done all that. And, where did it get me? Back at start. Standing at go. Single. 

I work a lot. I’m a mom. I write this blog. I’m launching/re-launching a business. I’m busy. My back aches every night because of all the stress and anxiety I’ve carried through the day. I cry way more than I want to admit. And, I’m terrified that everything won’t work out the way I want. 

I can’t handle anything else. If you come into my life, you need to do so with good intentions. You need to try. You need to give. You need to love. And, I’m not asking for anything big. The little things add up to the big things. And, I’ll appreciate the journey. 

So, don’t come here if you aren’t ready. I don’t have the time or the desire. 

IJS, and I thought you should know. 

Side note: In case you hadn’t guessed, another one bites the dust. He was just too needy.  

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