“I’m good on friends.” This is what I say every time someone tries to break into my circle. Often followed with, “I actually have a few too many.”

So, it should be crystal clear that I’m happy with my friendships as they are. 

I love my friends. They are my family. They are my loves. They mean so much to me, that their feelings and emotions are mine. It’s sappy and extreme but true. Because these are people I have chosen to have in my life. They are welcome in my heart. This is real. 

So when Treavor left my life, I was shocked and hurt. Then when Tera tried to bust in, I was shocked and hurt. Tera was the true and former Treavor. Transgender. Physically part male, but mentally and emotionally all woman. That’s a lot. 

I’m from small town Texas, USA. We don’t really do that. We don’t always pride ourselves on open mindedness, and the literal Bible makes our decisions. So, how do we do this? How do I bury Treavor and embrace Tera when I don’t want to? How do I tell Tera without coming across as a simple minded, Bible thumping, small town Texan? How do I explain to my friend, a holder of a key circle spot, that “I’m good on friends?” 

I don’t. 

Because Tera is the true and former Treavor, there’s no change in position. This is a change in mindset. This is my issue. This is about my sappy and extreme truth. This is about loving my friend the way I always have. And, I need to fix it. 

Tera and I hung out. I was a little apprehensive. My guards were partially up. I was nervous to say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, or twist my neck and cut my eyes at the wrong thing. How do I engage a transgender person? Deep breaths. 

We went to the nail salon, did some shopping, and later ended up toasting over a few margaritas. We laughed hysterically. A few high-fives were thrown about. It was classic. 

In the end, I never figured out how to engage a transgender person. Because I hung out with Tera, the true and former Treavor. And, it was like old times with a bad ass lace front and a ballet pink pedicure. Tera is my friend. I love my friend. I admire my friend’s courage. I see my friend’s beauty. And, I am blessed to have my friend continue to open my small town Texas, USA mind, and teach me why “I’m good on friends!”

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