“What do you know?”

Another question of my creditials. What could I know without a husband or a PhD? Didn’t I just say I was dating a new man without being over the man before? (It was an even lengthier set of questions.) Okay. Let’s go.

I started responding, almost apologetically. 

“I don’t know much. I’m trying. I’m figuring it out. My blog isn’t supposed to be about giving advice from a professional stance. It’s supposed to be about my growth from my experiences. What I know better, now. What I want to share.”

I went own to continue to explain myself. I frantically started to discussed my relationships with my family, my parents, my son, my friends and associates, and my exes. I halfway discussed my anxiety. I haphazardly discussed my shortcomings, fears, and hopes. Then, it dawned  on me. I don’t owe this explanation. I’ve never pretended to be giving my professional viewpoint. And, it terrified me to think that someone thought I was. But, nope. I give a lot through my blog. I give far more than I’d ever give, willingly and openly, in person. It’s enough. 

If you don’t understand and/or appreciate the journey I’m on through this blog, ummm…okay. That’s not my issue. You can get something from this, share something to this, or not. But don’t rain on my parade. 

Side note: I truly appreciate the support I continue to receive. It touches my heart when I hear from anyone drawing positivity from this. And, the conversations that take off from that feedback help me grow and make better relationship choices. I’m figuring it out, but I know I have a long way to go. 

It’s a journey. 

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