The present. 

I really like the new guy, but don’t tell him. I’ve committed to playing hard to get while I focus on being sure I’m over the past guy. 

Because the past guy was a major guy, and I got more emotionally attached than I’d planned. Hard to break free of the plans I’d made for us. Hard to be fully done, but I’m ready. 

The new guy is kind. He’s funny. He checks in often, and he seems to be genuine. He wants this. 

He’s in the same book as me, same chapter, just a couple pages ahead. 

And, we connect well. We laugh. We have conversations. I have his attention without making any declarations or demands.  

I don’t know what the future holds. This could crash and burn, and that would be okay. I can survive that. I’m stronger than hurt feelings. But, I’m not gonna be scared. No reservations. No baggage. 

I’m just gonna ride this wave to shore. 

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