Invest in your relationships. 


I hate to cry. I hate being that vulnerable. Because, the people who typically make me cry don’t deserve my tears. They just don’t. 

– I found this paragraph already in my drafts as I prepared to start this post. It felt incredibly relevant and was probably written while I was experiencing much of what this post is about. It kind of makes me emotional thinking back on the many instances that could have prompted this paragraph. 

I’m typically really thoughtful in my relationships. I am genuine, respectful, and kind. I try to make honest investments in people. I try to treat them well and show them that I value them. I try. I sometimes fail, but it’s not on purpose. And, it usually is devastating to me.  

The people I choose to have in my life mean a lot to me. It’s an emotional investment. I take our relationship seriously. 

I deserve the same in return. 

And, it’s easy. 

5 small things that make a huge impact. 

1. Check in regularly. Make sure they’re hearing from you. Ask about the important things going on in their lives. Share the important things going on in your life. 

2. Be honest while being kind. 

3. Clearly communicate your needs and expectations. Don’t expect them to be mind readers. And, vice versa…be receptive.  

4. Engage. Give them your attention. Make sure your time with them is free from any distractions. 

5. Make sacrifices and establish priorities. Big or small doesn’t matter. Just choose them over all the other noise in life, but be reasonable. They won’t out rank everything, every time. Sacrifice what you can when you can. And once you establish your priorities, it will be much easier. 

Take care of your relationships. No one owes you their attention. And if you aren’t willing to make an investment in the people in your life they will leave you, because you didn’t deserve them, and they didn’t deserve you. 

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