It’s NOT me. IT’S you. 

I couldn’t have been more available unless I’d moved in next door. I couldn’t have been more supportive without an advanced degree in psychology. I couldn’t have loved, or something like it, anymore. I couldn’t have tried any harder. And, that’s how I know this failure isn’t about me. It’s about him. I couldn’t have changed anything, because he wasn’t invested in, or possibly ready for, the same type of relationship or friendship I’m seeking. And finally, we are free. 

That’s the take away. When a relationship doesn’t work, and you have honestly and genuinely given it your all, the issues were bigger than you. It was impossible for you to make it work, because they weren’t ready, in the same place, or willing. And, you’re gonna be okay. It’s their loss. It’s their issue. And if it’s meant to be, they will get their shit together and come back to you. Or they won’t, and you’re better off without them. Either way, have ALL the fun you can withstand in the mean time because you’ve earned it.
Dry your eyes. No one wants to hang out with a cry baby. 

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