No back up plan

I go into relationships, any relationship, totally genuine. There’s no preconceived notion or ulterior motive. I’m here. I’m honest. I’m ready. 

That’s who I am. 

There are no plan B’s in relationships. I’m not preparing for failure. I’m not looking for an out. I’m in this. I’m ready. 

It’s a scary thought. Thinking that the person you’re falling for isn’t falling too, because they are being held up by their past relationships or potential relationships. 

But, that’s real. 

How long does it take for you to let the other guys, both past and potential, know that you’re off the table? Shouldn’t take that long. 

Now, I’m talking in commitment. When you’re dating, testing the waters, and having experiences. Play the field. Go into extra innings, meet as many fish in that sea as you can withstand. But, when you have the committal talk. It’s time to really commit. Erase your back up plan and be all in. 

If it doesn’t work, oh well. Only 0.001% of the population married their first date. 

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