Put me in coach. Pick me.

I want to be first string in my relationships. Is that asking too much?

Had a little situation recently. He changed plans with me to support a friend. I get it, you should support your friends. But, understand that I will get jealous. It’s not cute. It’s not necessarily okay, but it’s how I felt. I don’t wanna compete with the other people in your life, especially if I’m going to lose.

How do you say that without coming across as a brat?

That’s our issue. Our problems are typically the things that I consider obvious, that he completely misses. And, bringing them up makes me look petty. Every time. I shouldn’t have to say make me a priority, but I do. He won’t understand my feelings, and then he will become defensive. Then we have a spat and avoid it completely until the happens again. This is a cycle of crazy.

Disclaimer: This post was originally written onDecember 27th. These issues aren’t mine issues anymore, but my feelings were valid enough that I wanted to go ahead and post.  

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