“I hope he can find someone who loves him as much as I do.”

One of my girlfriends, she’s a genius, said the most interesting thing the other day. We were talking, watching TV, and discussing love lost. Just typical girl talk. She’s recently gone through a break up. It’s been rocky, at times. Break up. Get back together. Can’t stand to be apart, but can’t make it work together. That kinda stuff.

I had my own brick wall to commiserate with. 

She told me she loves him. Wants the best for him. Recognizes she ain’t it for him, and he ain’t it for her, right now maybe forever. She says, in between commenting on the DVR’d episode of Scandal and eating, “I hope he can find someone who loves him as much as I do.” 

Huh?! “What does that mean?”

She went on to tell me she’s still hoping they make it. He needs to fix his ego and get his affairs in order. He has some projects in the works. Nothing’s coming easy, and she’s been his scapegoat. It’s been too much. 

I asked her, “do you think you feel that way because you’re still holding out hope?” Because that’s beautiful to say, but is that how you really feel?

“Maybe…yeah, probably. I’m not sure. I just know that I love him. And, I just want the best for him.”

I hope they work out. Her love for him is incredible, so pure and genuine. It’s been almost 6 years, and they’ve known each other even longer. They’ve conquered a lot. They deserve to make it. I hope they make it. But if they don’t, there’s no one that will ever love him the way she does.

Disclaimer: Repost. My original post defaulted back to draft. One more try…

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