I’ve been reading all these articles and stories about true love, everlasting love, and soul mates. I’d usually be turned off by these declarations, but lately I’m drawn to them. I’ve even teared up a few times.   Coming to this realization that although I haven’t felt these feelings, it’s doesn’t mean I won’t.

Not just yet, but soon…eventually. Inevitably. I’ll experience this love that people keep talking about. 

Single girls, those past what we deemed our prime, we aren’t down for the count. Our chance will come. If you haven’t felt that kind of love, if you haven’t experienced what it seems everybody else is describing, it’s okay. Your time just hasn’t come yet. 

God has a plan for your life that includes love. It may not look like what you expected or what you’ve envisioned, but it’s coming. And, it will feel drastically better than anything else you’ve ever felt. 

It can be hard to believe with break ups and disappointment coming from every direction, but I promise you it’s out there for you. It exists. It is real, and you will get to experience it. 

Sit back. Relax. And, be patient. Your time will come, in time. And, it will be incredible. 

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