I. Am. Lonely. 

Yep, I’m announcing my loneliness. It’s the truth, but I am NOT desperate. No way. 

I live in the Houston area. I was put here in chaos, but I’m not bitter. Seriously, I’m not. This area has been good to me, for the most part. I’m learning a lot about myself from this situation. And, it’s gonna be okay. 

So…I left everything and mostly everyone I knew behind. Took an opportunity, packed my bags, and hit the road. And, then everything kind of fell apart. My son didn’t do well here. He moved back home, and returned to his normalcy. I stayed. I’m obligated. 

Again, I started dating a guy that I’d been dating. We were doing well, and then we weren’t. My uncle passed away. My dad had a horrible car accident. It was all in a matter of a couple of days. 

I broke in half. 

I realized that everyone I need and love is too far away. I felt incredibly alone. I was lonely. I am lonely. It was too much. 

So I felt like I needed people. I needed to be surrounded by people. I needed attention. And, I took dates. 

Bad idea. 

The people I wanted were out of reach, physically and emotionally. 

Bad idea. 

Bad date.  

Bad coping. 

And now, I just need to sit quietly. 

The gang is here. My brother and dad arrived today. My kid and mom are coming this weekend. The guy has a standing invite. And, I’ll be okay. 

Side note: Nothing happened when I took dates. It was coping, and even in loneliness I didn’t want to be kissed or touched. Thanks for the compliments and the dinner. Now, lose my number. I’m good. 

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