All or nothing?

All or nothing…is that how dating works?

So I’ve had enough encounters with the scheduled second dater. And, I’ve talked to the first dater a few times. 

Observation: I’m not good at dating. 

First dater:  We had fun. He was nice, attentive, and seemed genuine. He was also looking for more than I’m ready to give. During one of our phone conversations, he told me I was the kind of girl he could marry. “Awww, thanks.” That’s cool. I’m flattered. But then he says, “I’m serious. I’ve been looking for a girl like you. Am I the kind of guy you would say yes to?” Screeching halt. “Ummm…I’m really enjoying getting to know you.” Shoulder shrug. Then it got stranger. And, he even told me he was falling in love with me. Then I faked an incoming call and never called him back. He’s text me every day though. He’s a really nice guy, possibly a little crazy. And, I’m not ready for that type of extreme. 

Just a hot minute ago, I thought my last relationship was gonna be my last relationship. And, having a few drinks and dinner with you was supposed to just be a good time. We’ve only been on one date. Why are we making declarations? 


Second Dater: Ultimately, he wants nothing. Every conversation turned sexual. After we initially met, exchanged numbers, and made plans he told me I was beautiful. That’s awesome and stuff. Never had a problem hearing I was attractive. But quickly we were off my pretty face and traveling south to my chest and tush. Nothing. This is nothing. I’m not interested in jumping into your bed just because you said I was beautiful. I have mirrors in every room of my house, pal. 

So, I took dates…sorta. Didn’t go far with them. And, I will probably be sitting perfectly still while I figure out my life. Ugh. 

One thought on “All or nothing?

  1. I have had almost the same experiences as you have. I am currently waiting on a man that wants more than a few weekend rendezvous but also a man that doesn’t fall in love within the first week. So I guess what I am asking for is a man who is somewhere in between those two extremes. Since you are not looking for anything serious right now I say just enjoy dating and learn what you like and don’t like about men. Then when the right one comes along you won’t have to second guess yourself. Good luck with figuring everything out in your life!


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