Who set the terms?

Are you involved in the relationship, or just playing by the rules?


That’s an interesting question. I had to ask myself. And, I didn’t necessarily like the answer.

I play by the rules. It’s the old school, country girl, in me. I’m submissive in most circumstances. I let my man wear the pants. I stay in line. I am here to keep peace in the household and relationship. It’s the old run the show quietly from backstage.

And, most of the time I do it REALLY well.

Right now…not so much.

Right now, I’m fighting to keep this boat afloat.

What’s the difference? When you’re involved in the relationship, you have equal say. Things aren’t just happening to you or around you. You can’t be quietly kept in the relationship. There’s a reason. Are you stuck, lonely, don’t believe you deserve more, too invested… And this doesn’t mean it’s who you are in life. This is about who you are in the relationship.

It’s okay. It will be okay.

Playing by the rules will hit a brick wall one day. You will be resentful and angry. Then what?

Get involved. Make your own terms.

Have a voice.

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