Thin line…


“It’s a thin line, between love and hate…” – The Persuaders

There is a thin line between love and hate. Because the people you love the most can hurt you the most.

I can hate the way you treat me, and love you all at the same time. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. You can be so focused on the good times, the plans you had for your relationship, and the love you have for that person that you will let a lot of things go. You may allow situations to push you to a disastrous point when you feel like you just can’t take anymore.

We should all appreciate the person we are with. They are making a choice to be with us. They are no more obligated than you are to continue in the relationship. They can and will leave you if their needs aren’t being satisfied.

I can love you through your faults and shortcomings, but I must love myself more. I can and will pack up and walk away. Your sincerity may not matter anymore because it’s too little and too late.

You know there’s hope when it can be fixed with a sincere apology.

If sincerity can’t fix it, your hate just crossed that line completely.

Uh oh.

In the song, the woman finally gets enough of her man not appreciating her. And like a fool, he didn’t see it coming until it happened. How much did he expect her to take? Her silence wasn’t ignorance. It was speaking volumes. He ignored it.

Oh well.

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