Do you just love the way I love you?


Crickets… Still waiting…

A few days ago, he said all the right things. He wants to try. He mentioned how much I care about him. He trusts me, he cares about me, and he thinks we could make this work. He could make a home with me. He could make a life with me.

He never said he loved me. He said some amazing things, but it didn’t sit well with me. And I’m stuck wondering if he’s building a perfect relationship for him, and I’m just a placeholder in it.

What if he just loves the way I love him? I’ve been down since the beginning. Been supportive and clocked in since I met him. I have dated other men in our down time, but I’ve always stayed available to him. I’ve always been here. I’ve been consistent.

Ouch. Oops. Done.

I believe that men reach the right time to settle down, and do so with the best woman in that moment. Women fall in love and move mountains to make it work, no matter the timing. I believe that. Is this his right time? Is he my right guy? What are we doing?

It feels right. But, it feels difficult. It hasn’t worked beforehand, but it hasn’t completely crashed and burned either.

Still waiting…

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