Yes, I’m single. But, I’m okay.

Had a conversation with an old friend recently. She’s been following my blog, and called for inside information.

Her: “Wait. How many guys are you dating?”

Me: “Zero. I went on a few dates.”

Her: “What about that guy you were seeing? I thought you loved him.”

Me: “It didn’t work out. I’m single. I date, but I’m not dating anyone.”

Her: “Oh. Okay. It’ll be alright, girl.”

What? Single isn’t cause for a sympathy card. I’m okay.

People break up, don’t work, and move on EVERYDAY. It’s not the end of the world. He decided I wasn’t who he wanted or what he wanted. His choice. Okay. Did it sting? Yep. Am I sad? Absolutely. Do I miss him? Sure do. Did I die? Nope.

I’ll be okay as a single woman. Many woman do the single gig everyday. Don’t cry for us; set us up with your man’s single friend.

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