I went on a date.

I went on a date last week.

No need to release his name or dets, but it was an invite I didn’t refuse.

I kept putting him off. My own insecurities had me avoiding a possibility. And, I was dealing with some other emotional heaviness. Finally, I submitted. We were gonna have dinner on Thursday. I asked him. I needed to step up before he decided I wasn’t worth the effort.

Then he said, let’s go get a drink. I wanna see you tonight.

I couldn’t say no. I’d already told him I was just hanging out at home.

So I got up, and I pulled off my best “not trying too hard” look. And, I threw back a couple apple flavored beers and apple flavored shots.

He was nice and handsome. He talked openly about his life and plans. It was a really nice date, and I enjoyed it.

There was no real chemistry. I wish him well.

What’s wrong with me…

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