ignore [ig-nawr, -nohr]
verb (used with object) to refrain from noticing or recognizing

I HATE to be ignored.

Hate may not be a strong enough word for the way I feel. There’s little worse than ignoring me, in my book. It speaks volumes. “You aren’t important enough for me to make a real investment in you. Or, I find more value in whatever else I’m doing.” Either way, it’s rude. It’s disrespectful. And, I’m not going for it.

This is high on my relationship deal breaker list. Not just because it’s my pet peeve, but because it’s mean. And, anyone willing to ignore you isn’t committed to your relationship in the first place. If you can’t get the minimal amount of respect from your significant other, you can’t expect them to come through on the big stuff.

Side note: I HATE when you ignore my call. You actually picked up the phone and made a decision to not take my call. What?! Just let it ring. Silence it. It’s just nicer.

Disclaimer: I’m discussing truly being ignored. Not to be mistaken with someone requesting attention, out of turn. Example: you know your significant other is at work, and you call with a non-emergency. You should expect that you may be put off. Or, you try to strike up a conversation when you know your partner is already involved in something else. This isn’t fair. You aren’t the main objective. You’re the distraction.

Be careful that you aren’t confusing being ignored with being overly demanding.

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