Brand New Obsession

Maybe the reason why you are stuck on stupid (AKA living in a dead end relationship), is because you haven’t found anyone new to obsess over.

Oops, hold up. Some of you, probably repeat offenders, are shaking your heads with duck pressed lips. Sorry, but it’s true if we’re honest.

The best way to put out an old flame IS to light up a new one. Agreed. That’s the primary way I’ve gotten over all my past heartbreak. I wasn’t intact again until the man who didn’t want me, the way I wanted him too, had been, in some ways, replaced with a man that wanted me greater or equal to my new set of needs.

It’s not the quest to get back at anyone or to bed someone new.

I can see the faults in my current, or old, relationship when something better hits the scene. It’s easy to believe there is better when you’re holding it in your hand. And, that’s often the push I need to move on.

Disclaimer: This isn’t rebounding in the old sense. This is dating or getting to know someone to see your past can be your past, there’s better out there, and that you’re still desirable. I’m not saying jump into a relationship, but I am encouraging you to jump back on the social scene.

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