He…can’t name names it’ll make me a hypocrite.

You can probably figure that out. Ugh!

He is inconsistent and forgets to put me on the list of priorities. Does forgetting to put me on the list mean I’m not supposed to be on it? (EPIPHANY) Or is this a focusing on the task at hand, guy thing? The man does work, a lot.

Me though, I’m fine.

Freaked out. Insecure. Neurotic. Emotional.” – The Italian Job

And every time I build up the courage, sometimes liquid courage at the end of a beautiful bottle of wine, to stop the back and forth, he says no. He says no in the most beautiful of ways. And, I seem to go from sure and done to F.I.N.E.

Disclaimer: I don’t always know the difference in me being too demanding and insecure, needing to relax and let life happen, and me being railroaded.

That’s hard to decipher at times. And, even trying to put myself in the other persons shoes can just end up overwhelming.

Disclaimer 2 Question: Who do you listen to when your heart and head are at odds?

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