Who’s gonna catch you?

I’ve already given my back story.

I’ve had little emotional support in my life. My parents just weren’t wired to be emotional providers. I’m not upset with them for that, but it’s definitely taken a toll on how I handle relationships. I now realize that’s something I need.

I’m looking for my soft spot to fall. I need a man who is going to support me when I spin out. I need the man who is always ready and willing to catch me.

This is a tall request. Most of the men I’ve dealt with committed to being that guy, but they were so emotionally starved they ended up needing me to be that girl. Huh? What?

Someone in this relationship needs to be emotionally sound. We can’t both need years worth of emotional-centered therapy. I cannot provide that for you. I just asked you to provide that for me.

Can we get therapy on a twofer?

This is on my list. I’m in search of, waiting for, praying for, the man who is going to provide me with some emotional stability. It’s a deal breaker otherwise.

I need the support.

I need the soft spot.

I need someone ready, willing, and able to catch me.

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