Wedding Dresses

I was on a lunch date. Cute guy, and he’s interesting.

He took a call, business or something he deemed important. I’m an only child. I’m more than equipped to entertain myself, especially with a smart phone and a gazillion apps.

I decided to browse Pinterest. Why not?

(Backstory. I’m obsessed with wedding stuff. Probably missed my calling as a wedding planner, or a bride. I love wedding dresses. And although I can’t imagine a groom, wedding, or marriage for myself, I dream about wedding dresses.)

That’s what I was pinning. Well, I was liking them. I didn’t officially pin them until today. Folks think the single girl, with the relationship blog about failures, pinning wedding dresses, might be crazy. Today, I don’t care though.

When he peeked over my shoulder, he seemed a little taken aback by what I was doing. He didn’t spark this interest. A fellow pinner, pinning dresses, prompted me to look at more dress pins. No biggie.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Now, we’re kinda awkward. Oops!

Thanks for the lunch, though.

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