Somewhere. Someone. Wants you BAD.

Somewhere. Someone. Wants you bad.

I thought I should tell you. Maybe this will stop you from embarrassing yourself by chasing the man that just doesn’t.

This man, the one you are basing your very existence on, is not interested in you the way you are interested in him. He may really like you or what you do for him. But, he will probably never commit the way you want. He just won’t. For real. He’s not gonna.

Human nature takes what it’s offered. He probably doesn’t even realize you are head over heels into him. He thinks y’all are traveling on the same wave length. And, you are too scared he will cut and run to tell him you aren’t satisfied. And, too scared to risk everything by asking for something.

I get it. I’ve been in the same boat, and it will ultimately sink. I might be sitting in that boat now. It’s so easy to confuse their acceptance of your gifts and behaviors as genuine emotion. But even if it is genuine, it will only take you so far. They aren’t in the same relationship you’re in. Whether they aren’t mature enough or don’t care enough doesn’t matter. It doesn’t work. And you need to get out before you invest anymore of yourself.

Sorry…not sorry. You needed to know.

Someone else wants you bad. They will give you all the same attention and affection you’re cramming down this guy’s throat. And, you won’t have to be manipulative or insecure. Promise. Cross my heart.

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