What do you want me to say?

I was talking to a friend of mine about some residual feelings I have about my last relationship. I was complaining and fussing about everything that was wrong and bothering me. I finished by saying that he didn’t say anything. Meaning in our most recent exchanges, he didn’t say anything about what happened or what went wrong before.

And my friend said, “what do you want him to say?”

I met that with, “ANYTHING!” I want him to just say anything.

Please say something.

His response, “like what?”

Haven’t I been here. Remember when I gave a few pointers in No avoidance. Face it. He must not have read it. Neither of you read it. Obviously.

When I’m not being a tough chick, I’m just a girl. Make me feel adored. Make me feel appreciated. Make me feel important. Offer an explanation. Give me an apology for the inconvenience. Look me in the eye. Hug me afterwards.

I’m hurt. And, I said everything.

It’s your turn.

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