Sex II

I am sexual and sensual.

I enjoy every part of sex.

I believe there is no better opportunity to connect to someone than making love to them. I repeat making love, not a f@#%, and not just the physical part of sex. The actual act of expressing love is incredible.

I miss that when I’m not in a committed relationship. I don’t do the casual thing.

In the moment, in the act, I’m a talker, the words I can get out through shallow breaths. I don’t direct though. I compliment. I ask for things. I offer things. I express gratitude. I even laugh, when something is funny. And, I swear. I swear a lot, and I use all the words!

I’m also submissive. I’m a tough chick in most every other aspect of my relationship, and it takes a strong man to handle my personality, but sexually I’m submissive. It just seemed natural to relent control. And, I aim to please. I find the more I focus on him, he focuses on me. We aren’t trying to hurry and take care of ourselves out of fear of missing out. We are just enjoying the moments as they come.

I have fun.

Who are you sexually? And, is it satisfying you and your partner? If not, it’s time to make some adjustments. You have to start by figuring out what’s keeping you from being totally satisfied. Be honest and realistic. Then you need to ask him. Then y’all need to have a conversation, naked in bed, where you commit to making some changes in your sex life. Choose your words carefully. You aren’t out to insult each other. It’s an opportunity to grow sexually.

Try this…

Sex should be a build up.

Start with light touches long before you’re even in a position to do anything. Let you hand linger on his shoulder or back. Lock gazes, stare for a moment, smile, and look away. Whisper completely inappropriate things. Set the mental mood.

By the time you are ready for sex they will be all over you. Undress your partner, and let them undress you. Lay them down. Ask them what they want. And, DO IT!!! Do anything they want, within reason and your comfort level. You two know each other, they aren’t gonna blow their orgasm making stupid requests. And, enjoy doing it. Enjoy pleasing them.

Afterwards, talk about it. Compliment each other. Ask for more. It’s that easy.

Enjoy yourself. Have fun with sex.

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