In my defense…

Recently, I received some criticism from my blog.

Wow, right?!

“But I made myself so easy to love.” -Jay Z

In a very judgmental tone, she questioned the validity of my feelings. How could I have cared about 2nd Chris if there were so many other men in my life? I was upset by that. I mean, really?! Are you 2nd Chris’ spokeswoman? Do y’all have a thing?

I know. I know. Putting myself out there made me open to criticism. But, really?! Leave me alone!

1. I’m single.

2. 2nd Chris and I haven’t been officially together in a minute. Exclusive? On my end. But, official? Not in a while. I refer to it as a break up because that’s how it felt. That’s what it was even though it wasn’t.

3. I’m single.

4. I’M FANTASTIC! Of course there are gonna be men in my life who are interested in trying, or trying again, to establish a relationship with me. I’m sure you have similar situations happening. You just don’t write about them.

5. I’m single.

6. I’m back on the horse. I’m dating. I’m entertaining options from old flames. I can do this because…

7. I’m single.

I’m not a relationship expert. I’m figuring things out myself. And if anything I’m doing bothers you, HELP ME! Offer me sound advice or help me work through my issues.

Please don’t question my feelings.

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