He misses me…

So, there’s this guy. Again, a guy from my past, Mo. We have been friends for 100 years. It’s always been innocent except for that one time liquor was involved. It went further than it should have, but not all the way.

We are friendly. We check in. We actually have conversations instead of text messages. He refuses to text. I blame it on him being older and refusing technological advancements. He says it’s not the way people should interact. Whatever.

There’s always some flirting. We often talk about what could have been. We keep it light hearted.

Today, he called. When I answered he said, “I missed you.” Those three words changed the game. I love those three words. He probably didn’t realize it, but I’d just had an emotional shift. And, I needed to handle it. My response was, “I can’t wait to tell the other girls. They’ll be so jealous.” He laughed. And, I saved myself from saying something sappy like “I missed you, too.” We aren’t ready for that. I’m fresh out of the crash and burn. It hasn’t even been 30 days, and there’s the Danny saga, and just wait until the James update. I’m an emotional mess. And although I hate to admit it, there’s too much emotion attached to the crash and burn for me to risk my friendship on a rebound.

So, I’ll probably regress. I may even text him this evening. Maybe a sad face emoticon about the Mavericks game. He’ll really hate that.

Emotionally shifting back into place.

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