Desperation Calls

Put the phone down.

I’m here to save you from yourself.

Your last call, was your LAST call.

Let this go.

I get it. The moment after the final moment, you think of all the witty, or perfect, things to say. You feel like you have to go back one more time. You have something else to say. It can’t really be over.

But, it is. Or if it isn’t, it should be.

Resist the temptation. You won’t always get the last LAST word. Stop.

Enough has been said. There’s always more hurt. There’s always an uglier side of ugly. You can go back and keep the toxicity spreading, but you don’t want that.

Seriously. Move away from the call history. Delete from the contacts. And, put the phone down.

Additional information: DELETE HIM FROM YOUR CONTACTS. Let’s be real, even if you agree and decided to not call again, 3 margaritas in, doped up on liquid courage, and you will call. You. Will. Call. DELETE. And if he calls, you asking who it is will undoubtedly sting a little bit. If you feel the urge to save his number, write it down. I know it’s a lost practice, but do it. And, leave the number at home…unless you drink there too. Leave the number at work. Solved.

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