1 years time…

We’ve all been there, the dreaded end of the relationship you thought was gonna last. I’m in the midst of being the listening ear and supportive shoulder with two women I know. I find it’s my most often topic of counsel. So it didn’t work. You must move on, or at least fake it.

One of my main questions to a woman going through a break up is whether this is going to matter in 1 years time.

Probably not.

And that’s not meant to be cruel.

Today, in this moment, you’re devastated. I get that. Right now, it’s hard wondering why this happened, if you could have changed things, or what went wrong. But, will this always matter this much?

You probably said yes. You’re wrong.

My feelings have always changed in that year. They may not have completely gone away, but they have definitely lessened. I can eventually see that relationship for what it was. Whether it was one sided, loveless, abusive, or just generally bad, within that year I find that clarity.

I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt. Your feelings have validity. I’m just saying it’s not gonna hurt forever. And within a years time, you’ll be in a happier and healthier place.

Put your relationship under a microscope. Was it really good, or was it so comfortable you were willing to deal with anything. Because if it was really that good, you’d still be in that relationship.

This is a gift. This is your time, energy, and focus back. This is your opportunity to start anew and fresh. You have so many options you didn’t have before. And, that’s where your focus should lie. Pick up the pieces and strive for the other side. Before you know it, a year would have passed, and you’ll be in a better place.

And you probably won’t even remember his name.

Ok you will, but saying it won’t evoke tears anymore.

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