I sent Danny a text. I asked him what he wanted. He was sending mixed messages, and I was becoming more and more withdrawn. Before I fell back into this relationship, I needed to have some clarity. I know I’m teetering between rebound and a real future. And, I really don’t wanna make any mistakes.

I’m up to my old tricks. Instead of getting out there and having dates and experiences, I’m picking men from my own pond. I’m dating those I once dated. Danny isn’t any good for me. He’s terrified of the work the future requires, but he adores me. He also needs it to be easy. He’s afraid of everything. Because within two minutes of me asking him what he wanted, he asked me back.

I. Can’t.

I need someone who can answer that question. If nothing else say you want me. Playing it safe. Sitting on your feelings. Throwing the question back to me. None of those options are what I expect from the man in my life. Take the lead. Make a decision. Wear the pants. Say what you need to say! Because, I don’t want shit from anyone that doesn’t know what they want with me.

Background: I dated Danny over a year ago. It fizzled out. And, I wrote about him in a past blog, Road trip continued…

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