Attention Seeking SBF


I need attention!

I’m stating fact, and I’m not apologizing. If he can’t make time for me…well, that’s a deal breaker. I am firmly convinced that if I can make time for him he can make time for me. I should NEVER be left wondering where we stand or what’s going on. We should have clear, open, lines of communication.

My side…
I rather text than talk, most of the time. I talk ALL day at work. And unless we are together, texting can usually be enough. Plus, I love to read those conversations over when I have a little free time. I enjoy the wit. And, if there was a problem I can usually go back and better see things from his side.

Texting shouldn’t completely replace conversations though. I like having time with him. Seeing his facial expressions and hearing his voice are so incredibly important to me. We need that connection. But knowing our time is limited, we have to find other ways to make it work.

I work 40 hours a week, like most of the rest of the world, but they can be random. I’m on my feet, selling, offering customer service, and supporting a team of people. I have a young son. There’s school, extracurricular stuff, mom and son time, meals and bed time and bath time. I own a small business. I try to run it well, but other responsibilities often get in its way. I run our lives, a household, manage work responsibilities, and try to keep my business afloat. I’m busy! And although my time is limited, I will always make time for us.

He has to do the same. Find the time. Because it’s true that you make time for what’s important. And, our connection and relationship depend on the amount of attention we give each other.

2 thoughts on “Attention Seeking SBF

  1. Not making time for a partner is the ultimate deal-breaker, at least to me. I like what you have to say about texting here. Sometimes, making time isn’t about carving out a big chunk to spend together; sometimes that means taking a quick second to say hello or check in with someone in the middle of a busy day. Texting is great for that.


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