My online dating profile asked how romantic are you. As a woman I leaned towards “extreme,” but let’s be real. My honest answer is “seldom” or “unnecessary.” I don’t really need romance. I like romance, but I’m more concerned about our day to day gig than a bouquet of flowers.

Traditional romance has it’s place. Please wine and dine me to death on anniversaries, birthdays, and the dreaded Valentines Day. But outside of that, just the little things. And, I’ll reciprocate that. I’ll handle fulfilling your wants and needs while you fulfill mine. That’s our romance.

No hot air balloon rides. I’m terrified.

Few flowers. They die.

No heart shaped boxes of candy. I’d rather have a Twix.

Few jewelry pieces. I have enough jewelry for 100 people already.

Invest in our future and our children. Satisfy our needs, and we can choose our wants. Love me with small actions instead of grand expressions, and say the word! Aloud. I don’t need a million cards and poems. Just tell me, make me feel it, and be sure I know your love. No commercialized romance needed.

3 thoughts on “Romance

  1. Nice post! I believe that every person has a different way of expressing the love he/she has for another person. What is considered traditional may not fit the bill for you, but it certainly sounds to me that you enjoy receiving and giving various expressions of love! Perhaps you’re a large romantic in your own way? Just a thought I had while reading.


      • I know for myself there are many things that I have a distinct image for. In this world of technology, we are constantly surrounded by others’ ideas of what love and life should be. It’s all too easy to give in to these images. In my opinion, healthy loves guides others away from the media’s thoughts on love, and establishes the couple’s own ways to love and appreciate each other.


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