Is a bad man better than no man?

Go ahead…tell me your lies. Because the same chicks that say absolutely not, are the chicks who are dating the men they are condemning. Go ahead…I’m ready.

And if you aren’t her, you’re friends with her. And, you’re sitting beside her helping to justify why she’s still with him. She loves him, right?

We are terrified to be alone. We probably pray to God for the perfect relationship more than we pray for our health. We will stay long after we should have left out of fear that there will never be anyone else. I get it. We have all been there.

Step back and look at your situation. Are they bringing you more than they are taking away? Would the unemotional you have left this relationship already? Do you see a happily ever after with this person? Are you loving your significant other or terrified to not have anyone to love?

Valid questions.


We are settling ladies! We are expecting and accepting less than what we want. And because so many of us are in this rut, we are making it impossible for the girls who don’t want to settle. We have conditioned so many of the men to just show up. We aren’t asking much. We aren’t demanding anything. And human nature is LAZY! If you don’t require anything you get nothing. NOTHING.

So what are we going to do to change the game? The list. If you are honest with yourself, and realistic, you are requesting an attainable man that’s well suited for your needs. Pray over your list, and then work on you.

Work. On. You. YES. Too often you expect God to deliver perfection and you are barely on the D-list. Are you a match for what you’re requesting?

If you want a man who is in tip top shape, carry your behind to the gym! Number 1: He might be there. Number 2: He’s going to expect you to be physically fit too.

If you are asking for an intelligent man, you need to be able to talk about more than RHOA and Basketball Wives.

If you want an immaculate dresser, you’re gonna have to push your own wardrobe past tees and jeans.

These men aren’t being created like Weird Science. They are going to have expectations too. If you want him to live up to your list you need to be prepared to live up to his too.

Seek out your perfect relationship. Don’t give up. Don’t settle. Spend this time creating your best!

Disclaimer: A bad man for you may be good for someone else and vice versa. We are looking for our personal connection. Don’t get caught up in any ridiculousness.

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