I REALLY enjoyed chemistry in school. This plus this creates this. I get it. I’m good with anything I can apply logic too.

Relationship chemistry is a little more difficult for me to understand. We “mesh” well. He “gets” me. Yes, today? What about as your relationship evolves?

Your chemistry is my honeymoon period, the time when you inflate your similarities and mutual interests. That time when you’re being a chameleon. The window of time when both of you are perfect, and totally different from anyone else EVER. Is that your chemistry?

I don’t think I’m looking for this chemistry as much as I’m in search of sacrifice. Even if we don’t have everything in common, will you sacrifice for my interests? Will you be down no matter what? Will you pull me back when life starts to separate us? Can we create this so called chemistry because we love each other so much we will do anything? Huh?!

Disclaimer: This IS the bitter single me talking. Yep, I’m fresh out of a crash and burn. But, I have been feeling this for a minute. I may be forced to write a rebuttal some day, but today this is my truth.

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